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Ranger Gauge Systems (www.rangergauge.com) completed the acquisition of all Panex operating assets and intellectual property on December 10, 2014.

Ranger Gauge will be offering select legacy Panex products for sale as well as servicing Panex designed and  manufactured equipment. Please contact Ranger Gauge Systems (info@rangergauge.com) with inquiries.

Panex will continue to focus on new sensor technology.

The Panex Difference:

Panex has been designing and manufacturing its own patented sensor technologies for almost 40 years. Precision sensor design and manufacturing are an unusual and special capability for a down hole instrument supplier. This capability has always proven to be a very important asset to Panex because down hole measurements involve very demanding and hostile conditions which generally make commercially available sensors unsuitable. These same factors affect the associated electronics and Panex has also specialized in high temperature electronics from its inception.


Panex is working with Ranger Gauge systems to introduce a new series of Production Logging Tools for both, MRO (Memory Read Out) and SRO (Surface Read Out) applications. This series incorporates second generation MicroTorque II sensor techniques to provide a new buoyancy based, non-RA, fluid density gauge as well as a second generation flow meter with no moving parts. Also included in the new sensor line up is a new fluid ID sensor which will read capacitance and resistivity separately in high water cuts,

Other important features are field interchangeable, plug-in electronic cartridges which allow field maintenance and repair without requiring factory service. These cartridges also keep track of high temperature exposure to simplify preventative maintenance replacement.

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